Why Should You Use Us?

Beanstalk Publishing – Your Ideal Online Marketing Partner!

Beanstalk Publishing has a sole mission to assist UK owners of small and medium sized businesses to get the visibility that you deserve when people using search engines are trying to find you. Consider us like your megaphone, we will shout out your name to people who are looking for your type of business to find the services and products they want to buy. We’ll do our best to convince them to buy from you. While we may be noisy, we’ll only be shouting the truth!

The methods we use are targeted to build a number of ways or links so that potential clients can find you; quality & not quantity is our goal.

By working with Beanstalk, you can expect:

  • Moving you higher up in Google – Expect excellent page one results!
  • Thousands of users looking for you – Maximum exposure!
  • Fixed low monthly costs starting at only £29.98/month!
  • Absolutely no long term contract to tie you down!
  • Our methods are precision based, stellar and proven!

The changing search engine world

Search engines such as Google have been trying to reward genuine medium and small businesses to get their webpage ranking correctly set and not pushed down by irrelevant sites. Action was taken in April 2011 to:

  • Penalise aggressive or intrusive advertising
  • Mark down poor quality or recycled site content
  • Downgrade spammy sites
  • Punish the content farms

All this is good news for the SMB sector, but it still leaves you with challenge that we can help you overcome!

Understanding your business

Understanding your business is the key factor with us being able to excel at what we do. The more we know about you, what you sell, your ideal clients and the territory in which you want to sell your products and services – the better we can do our job.

From our side, optimising search engine rankings is not black magic and our staff does not wear long black cloaks, carry magic wands and wear black pointy hats. We do have a broom but it’s only used for giving you a ride to the top!

We want to set up a personalised marketing program that works for you!

You’ve seen the rest; now use the best!

What makes Beanstalk Publishing stand out from the crowd of internet marketing companies is that we are extremely noisy – in a positive way! Seriously though, we have the experience and the professional knowledge to optimise internet marketing for our SMB clients.

We do not offer a “one size fits all” approach to our marketing programs for our client. Each program is individually crafted; you tell us about your business and the clients you want to find and we will do the rest. We will tell you how we are going to build valuable links to your site and explain the techniques we will use. We will give you regular reports on our performance and look forward to seeing your business and ROI grow!

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Our Methods Will Bring You More Enquiries
Discover how we can set your business apart from the others in your sector by improving search engine results.

We can move your targeted keywords higher up the page getting your business more exposure and therefore more enquiries.

In the current tough economic environment this efficient marketing form can mean the difference between making a good profit or just breaking even and getting by.
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