As a media distribution company who also does publishing, we specialise in achieving better google local search results for our UK based clients. We work closely with you in order to understand your needs and create totally custom campaign that will achieve much better search engine exposure, than previously obtained. The end result of our continued work will be to move your website higher up the rankings for targeted keywords, bringing your website more relevant traffic and therefore more enquiries.

Some firms in the same field, use a one hat fits all approach where they have only one basic style or plan they will try to mold around each client’s situation. We understand small businesses and their needs, so each clients campaign is different and gets tailored and marketed in its own unique manner. We will never try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Many similar services will attempt to implement their ideas without including the clients individual needs into the job. We feel it is vitally important to include feedback from the people we work with back into the projects that are constructed for them. We appreciate feedback about the services provided and will try to knit or mesh this into the ongoing campaign. Every client sees their product or service differently and we want to be aware of how they want us to approach their campaign.

Not only are we open to the opinions our clients have to offer, but we stand behind the work we do. We provide helpful advice and are willing to discuss any potential job to make the client aware of what it entails and what we can do for them. We consider ourselves to be a user-friendly type of service.